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เครื่องมิลลิ่ง เครื่องกัด ปาด ไส แนวตั้ง
Vertical turret milling machine

เครื่องมิลลิ่ง 3 แรงม้า
Milling machine 3HP

Model Unit YSM-16VS YSM-16SS YSM-16VC
Longitudinal travel (M./A.) mm 850/750 (Opt. 950/850) 
Cross travel (M./A.) mm 426
Vertical travel (M./A.) mm 400
Slideway X/Y/Z type △ / □ / △
Quill travel mm 127
Overarm travel mm 550
Overarm swivel degree 360
Quill swivel (R&L)/(F&B) degree ±45/±45
Dist. from spindle nose to table mm 50-450
Spindle centerline to column mm 160-710
Dimension mm 1270x254 (Opt. 1270x254)
T-slots (WidthxNo.xPitch) mm 16x3x63
Max. table load kg 200
Milling head type Variable 8/16 Steps Inverter
Speed 60Hz rpm 50-3500 80-2700(8) 55-3600
50Hz rpm 68-2280(8)
rpm 68-4560(16)
Vertical feeds mm/rev 0.04/0.08/0.15
Taper type NT 30 or R8 (Opt. NT40)
Quill Diameter mm 85
Main spindle HP 3 3 5
Space(LxWxH) mm 2120x2550x2320
Packing dimension(LxWxH) mm 1660x1800x1910
Net Weight kg 1100
Gross Weight kg 1200

※ All specification , dimension and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.


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